Welcome to Vodafone Roaming Services

Vodafone Roaming Services ensures over 750 million mobile customers can confidently connect abroad and enjoy voice and data services.

We make roaming work for Vodafone customers

We are Vodafone's central wholesale roaming team. We manage the contracts and technical connectivity with more than 650 foreign networks in almost every country of the world. We steer customers to the best available network and monitor their voice and data quality, around the clock. We negotiate roaming rates and traffic volumes with our roaming partners and settle the resulting payments with them.

We make roaming work for other parties, too

More than 40 mobile operators, including some of the world's top players, have outsourced their roaming to us. They leverage our award-winning services, infrastructure and expertise. Our sponsored / interstandard roaming service is a fast and easy way to substantially increase their roaming footprint. If you want to maximise your GSM and LTE coverage within a few months, please visit the "Sponsored roaming" panel above.

Vodafone's sponsored roaming service gives you a fast and easy way to substantially boost your GSM and LTE roaming footprint.

Within just a few months, you can offer to your customers voice and data connectivity in virtually any country across the world. For your users, nothing changes - they keep their home number and are charged via their normal bill.


Generate quick incremental revenues

The roaming revenue in the GSM world is over 70 billion USD per year and growing fast. Secure your share of this high margin business.

Beat your competitors in roaming

International roamers are high value customers. By offering a strong roaming proposition you can win and keep these attractive customers

Let your customers roam like Vodafone

Vodafone sponsored roaming gives your customers voice, text and data connectivity in virtually any country of the world.


Our chief executive

Dominique Rousseau

Dominique was appointed CEO of Vodafone Roaming Services and member of the company’s Board in 2012. In addition, he is responsible for the supplier strategy and commercial relationships within Vodafone’s Global Products and Services business.
He joined Vodafone in 2006 to lead the network procurement across all local markets. As its COO, Dominique also established Vodafone’s procurement company as the single point of purchase. Prior to Vodafone, he led the Americas business of Siemens AG Mobile Networks and managed the supply chain of other Siemens businesses. He started his career at Philips.

Our management team

Vodafone Roaming Services brings together more than 25 nationalities, all experts in their areas and all driven by the aim to deliver the best value to Vodafone and its customers.

  • Peter Stok
  • Anis Mbarek
  • Celine Keating
  • Max Hagemann
  • Dirk Rogowski
  • Marcus Süllmann

About sponsored roaming

Get in touch with us

For North America & Asia, contact Claudio Lanciotti on sales.isr@vodafone.com.

For Africa, Middle East & Europe, contact Stephanie Ierschot on sales.isr@vodafone.com.


For Latin America, contact Dario Capolongo on sales.isr@vodafone.com.

Meet us in person

If you want to learn more about our services we will be present at the following conferences.

4 - 5 April 2017
Digital Ship
24 - 27 April 2017
MVNO World Congress
1 - 2 November 2017
MVNO Networking Congress London
1 - 2 November 2017 Digital Ship

About roaming partnerships

Any enquiries regarding international roaming with any of the following Vodafone networks please contact centralroamingteam@vodafone.com.

Albania Greece Malta Romania
Congo (DRC) Hungary Mozambique South Africa
Czech Republic Ireland Netherlands Spain
German Italy New Zealand Tanzania
Ghana Lesotho Portugal Turkey
      United Kingdom

Visit our office

We are located at:

15 rue Edward Steichen (Pixel Building)

L-2540 Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Tel: +352 2700 2701 102

Fax: +352 2700 2701 102

Vodafone leads in 4G roaming

According to a new report by independent global research firm Ovum, Vodafone offers significantly more 4G roaming destinations to its customers than any other operator.

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Best connected

Global Telecoms Business (GTB) recognised our roaming quality commitment through one of its 2016 Innovation Awards. In the category Consumer Service Innovation, the jury acknowledged our drive to further increase our data roaming speeds.

Sponsored roaming

Winners in the best solution for growing smaller or independent networks category, with the awards jury saying “the scope of impact on small operators is impressive - this approach solves some of the more difficult remaining roaming problems.”

4G roaming

We won a Telecoms.com Award for the speed of our 4G roaming rollout. The award is testament of Vodafone’s undisputed leadership in 4G roaming, offering its customers a larger 4G roaming footprint than any other mobile operator.